Sep 22, 2011

Ghost Cat's Getting Out Of Hand Tonight!

If  you're a regular reader of my blog, you're familiar with Ghost Cat. I should have given it a more proper name by now, considering that its been hanging around for over fifteen years, but I'm still not sure of its gender or exactly what it looks like. In recent weeks, however, I've begun to see its shadow figure. I'll see it out of the corner of my eye, or sometimes right in front of me. But it's only for a fraction of a second, and a transparent gray color, so all I can really tell is that it's the approximate size of an adult feline.

Ghost Cat confounds my cats Buzz and Oliver because it just suddenly appears, and disappears just as quickly. This evening, I watched from the living room as Buzz approached Oliver sitting under a card table in the den. They were both just chillin' there for a few seconds, when suddenly their heads jerked around to look behind them. Ghost Cat must have been right there in front of them and too close for comfort, because they both jumped straight up in the air a few inches, and then took off in different directions. I have NEVER seen either of them move that fast. Their claws made incredibly loud scratching noises on the hardwood floor as they sped off. In his haste, Buzz ran headlong into a wall, and then dove behind the sofa in the den. Oliver had scooted into the hallway, his body slamming into the door jamb as he went. He cowered under my bed until he felt it was safe to come back out.

After a few minutes, both cats slowly ventured back into the den, shoulders hunched down and scouring the room for traces of Ghost Cat. When they were satisfied it was no longer around, they approached one another and Oliver (the older of the two) licked Buzz' face as if he was reassuring him. So CUTE! Then, they went back to looking around the den and adjoining rooms for Ghost Cat. They sniffed the floor in places where I guess they thought he might have been hanging out. I wonder if ghost cats have a scent(?) It took both Ollie and Buzz several minutes to stop looking anxious and go to their respective napping spots. I have the feeling Ghost Cat will be making one of its visits to my bed tonight, to tiptoe around my feet and legs, because I also caught a glimpse of him sitting on a kitchen chair while I made dinner tonight. That's been Ghost Cat's way for all these long years, hanging around for a few days, and then being scarce for weeks or even months at a time. But its visits are always welcomed and always fascinating.

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