Jul 16, 2012

A Cynical Cycle

There is a very big difference between those who run their mouth incessantly for the sake of their 'conscience' and those who would literally lay down their lives for what they believe in. The difference is that the morality of the former is usually based on little more than long-held tradition or a semi-popular mindset. The latter are willing to give up practically everything others hold fast to,... KNOWING with absolute certainty what is universal truth. For them, a sacrificial life is not all that hard. But it's assured that they will be first admired, then envied, then hated. They will be mocked, lied about. Plots to lie about them, angrily pursue and obiterate them will be hatched. And when they repsond, even as they lay dying, that they don't care and it has all been expected and worth it, their enemies will become perplexed, then ashamed, and then admire end elevate them all over again. This hold true for every great master we know of, or those we later call saints, even those leaders in recent memory who speak fearlessly and circumspectly, don't argue, and clealy be observed as men and women of character. In the deepest recesses of EVERY soul, we know this to be true.

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