Jul 14, 2014

Could It Have Been Me?

This morning, my daughter rushed into my bedroom and woke me out of a rare, sound sleep. She was sobbing, nearly hyperventilating, and I was sure something awful had happened, that perhaps she'd injured herself. Either that or she'd had a terrible nightmare that seemed too real. But, no, it was something far more tragic in her eyes. She had missed yet another opportunity to sign up for a driver's ed class at school. This makes the fourth time she's tried to snatch a coveted spot as soon as a class became available for online registration. Apparently, she missed by mere seconds on two previous attempts. This time, she'd been really proactive, setting her alarm so she'd be up and ready, hands poised at the keyboard, by midnight. But she was foiled once again. Instead of a registration acceptance message, she got a message saying the service wouldn't be available until 10:00 a.m. So, back to bed she went, but not before setting her bedside alarm clock for 9:50 a.m. (all this she related to me after the fact, once the sobbing was under control). When she awoke on her own later, it was still early, but her clock was blinking, 12:37. It was blinking because the power had gone out not long after she'd gone to sleep. Relieved that she had set her iPad alarm as well, she dozed back off. It didn't occur to her that the iPad had been completely dead the night before, and that she'd plugged it in to recharge, only a few minutes before the power went out. So, it didn't charge. She woke up for the third time at 11:40, just in time to not get a spot in the class.

And right now she's calling me away from my desk. Another catastrophe, apparently. When I return, I'll explain why this long series of events is so curious...

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