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That's the best word to describe the state of mind and spirit I've been in as I've read voluminous accounts of near-death experiences and pre-death visions over the past few months. I can't seem to get enough, and have probably gone through a dozen books on the subject now. And my appetite only intensifies as I delve more deeply into the topics surrounding movements between the earthly and heavenly realms. What's most striking to me, and I'm sure would be to anyone who decides to explore the phenomenon, is the consistency of the themes each of these "messengers" is exposed to on the other side. Some of them may really surprise you. I'm going to begin listing them here, and expect to add more and refine them in the coming weeks:

1) The transition from this dimension to the next is seamless, so much so that one might not at first realize what has happened.

2) Some remain in the place where they have 'died' for a while, during which time they typically observe themselves with little recognition or interest. They will also slowly come to understand that the living can't see, hear, or feel them. But, at the same time, they feel more "real" than at any time in their life.

3) Either immediately or soon after realizing they have passed over, the common phenomenon of a tunnel with an intense beckoning light is experienced. The tunnel may also appear as a hallway, Speed through it may vary somewhat, depending on whether or not there are things of interest along the way.

4) "The Light" is breathtakingly beautiful, as is the scene they first encounter. Some are met by relatives or other loved ones (even pets), who emanate incredible love. They appear as they did in whatever was the prime of their lives. Others are met by what they perceive to be loving guides or angels, and still others (even atheists) are met by what they immediately KNOW to be Jesus. Apparently, each individual will at first encounter what they most need/want to see.

5) The experience of colors and harmonious music never experienced on this side is common. There are landscapes places that resemble those on earth, such as rivers, grassy hills, trees, flowers and other vegetation, but they are perfect and more vivid in appearance.

6) They become suddenly aware, and are delighted by the fact that communication with others is telepathic, and an unlimited amount of information can be transferred at once.

7) Movement through space is rapid or instantaneous. One can travel to where they desire to go just by having the thought.

8) There is a realization that time does not exist in this new dimension. Many observe that they're not able to tell if something has taken seconds or weeks.

9) There is an awareness of what are perceived to be angels, but their appearance is not as they are depicted in our culture. They are typically winged, but are tall, strong looking, and often seem more male than female. They are too numerous to try and count, and all see to be about appointed tasks both in the heavenly realm and as unseen beings on earth.

10) Prayers are often observed, and appear as streaking lights emanating from the earth heavenward.

11) As they are gently and lovingly escorted by their guides through the heavenly realm, they inevitable observe groups of people who appear to be busy with some type of work, and many seem to be engrossed in higher learning of some sort.

12) Building are magnificent, and entire cities are observed. They vary in appearance, and somewhat similar to certain buildings on earth, but glimmering, pristine, often of gold or totally jeweled. Doors and entrance ways are massive and awe-inspiring.

13) Almost without exception (usually for children) this time in heaven involves a "life review." The review takes place in the presence of deity, and is described at being like a panorama of screens with scenes or like a movie in which every single event in their life is seen and felt, including the impact and thoughts of all the individuals they've encountered on earth along the way. All are awed by this process, because, despite being comprehensive, everything is somehow be observed all at once.

14) The life review is of utmost importance during a near-death experience. God or His representative in this phase communicates telepathically with the individual, completely aware of all their thoughts and responses to what they are viewing. Questions and answers go back and forth, as to how one has lived their life, but the overwhelming feeling throughout is one of overpowering, unconditional love and acceptance, never one of judgment, even though the person typically feels quite ashamed and judges him/herself as unworthy. The enveloping comfort they are given by God is greater than any that could be expressed in the earthly realm, even by the most loving of mothers.

15) Often, the individual is taken before a group of "elders' surrounding a table, and these men of incredible wisdom discuss what the disposition of their soul should be, Usually this is about whether or not they should remain in heaven or be sent back to resume their life and mission. Sometimes the person has a say in the matter, but others are informed that their presence is needed back on earth.

14) Transport back to earth and bodies of flesh is dramatic, rapid, and jolting, not at all pleasant, especially if the person had been critically injured. Some describe it as a feeling of being sucked through a vacuum with intense pressure.

15) Sexual orientation is not of any concern in heaven. This is something many inquire about when before God. Sorry to inform anyone who's been of the opinion that God hates homosexuals. Near-death experiencers discover that our sexual exploits aren't of concern to God, unless they have been devoid of love and caring for one another. In fact, souls that have oppressed or mistreated their gay brothers and sisters will typically have to pay a self-imposed price.

16) As to hell. Many do not experience this realm at all. For those who do, it varies, and the individual knows that they have committed acts or held attitudes that they themselves feel makes them candidates for suffering. Yes, some do witness fiery pits, being chained, being trapped in loops of wretched periods of their live. One very dramatic story (of a mean-spirited, self-absorbed atheist) involves slow tearing away of his flesh by beings who've slowly morphed from helpful guides to cunning, bitter, and hideous vipers. But even this man was given an opportunity to experience the unconditional love of heavenly beings, though he felt so unworthy that he even tried to avoid and reject being present in the glory of his Creator God.

17) What we know of the universe does not even begin to scratch the surface of what we will have access to, and we become free to explore, travel to, and become whatever we desire. Yes, what we conceive of as alien life forms do exist, in innumerable forms and environs. Life of infinite variety is all over our galaxy and others. Sorry, scientific types, but much of this life is in forms we don't have the technology of ability to detect. Just because we send scouting detectors to planets in our own solar system, we have no way of being able to assert that any of them does or did support life, because it exists in different types of dimensions.

18) Our planet's ecosystem is something of deep concern to God. His intent for us was never to become so industrialized and focused on the development of material goods. The earth was created to nurture us, and we are to nurture it in return.

19) None of the near-death experiences have characterized God as emoting any anger, displeasure, or desire to punish His children. He is only unconditional love, joyfulness, and concern. He delights in us! And one of the best things they discover is that He has a wonderful sense of humor!

20) Suicide. Don't do it.

21) The fervent prayers of a dozen righteous believers can, and has, prevented a war.

22) Reincarnation. Yes, it is a reality, but of our choosing, so that we may continually learn and elevate ourselves. Here's the interesting part: because time doesn't exist in heaven, these incarnations are actually occurring all at once!

23) Creationists are not wrong.

24) you can create your own abode in the heavenly realm, just by conceiving of it, and it can be as simple or as expansive as you want.

25) People with disabilities, minorities, and other disadvantaged individuals have (willingly) reincarnated as such to learn what it's like to be discriminated against, misunderstood, and at the mercy of others.


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A condensed bio of my daughter, Kyndall Mikhaela (3/10/95 - 4/31/96)

This was something I wrote in response to a recent visitor to my blog. He'd related a story about a baby girl who lived only a few weeks, but was recognized by all who came in contact with her as an "old soul."

I had another daughter sixteen years ago, who died at 13 mos. We knew before she was born that she had a chromosomal abnormality, Trisomy-13, that typically results in miscarriage, stillbirth, or death shortly after birth. We thought our daughter was dead when she was delivered, blueish gray and not breathing or moving. But they took her to the NICU, dressed her in a cute outfit and bonnet, and gave her to us to spend time with. All our family was around. My son, who was five, kissed her and put his head next to hers. He sang into her ear this song: "Surely, the presence of the Lord in is this place. I can feel his mighty power and His grace. I can feel the brush of angels wings; I see joy in every face. Surely, the presence of the Lord is in this place." When he finished, she turned her head toward his, and began to breathe on her own. Long story short, though two months premature and having practically every disability under the sun, she was with us for the next year. It was the most difficult time of my life, but the greatest period of growth and learning for us all. Kyndall, my daughter, had the same effect on doctors, nurses, and therapists that you describe that baby having. She rarely cried, was playful, funny. When she was near the window in her room, she'd look out with her one good eye, and I know for certain she was seeing angels, because a broad grin would spread across her face and she would giggle. She never, ever did that under any other circumstances, not even for me, as hard as I tried to coax it out of her.

The best gift my daughter ever gave us was on the day before she died. We'd been trying to teach her to wave for months, to no avail. Every morning when I dropped my son off at school, I'd have her with me, oxygen and all, and he'd kiss her and wave goodbye. On that morning, she lifted her little hand and waved back. My son had already started walking away, and I got so excited I called him back to the car, "She waved! She waved!" He came back and she did it for him. He was thrilled. On the way back home, Kyndall stopped breathing. I pulled over, and was able to resuscitate her, but over the next twelve hours her condition deteriorated. She had a fever of 106! But still, she waved to everyone who spoke to her.

I knew the end was nearing, stayed right beside her, watching and trying to cool her down all night. In the morning, our favorite home health nurse dropped in. It wasn't her day to come, but she said something told her she should visit. We went in to look at Kyndall, who'd finally cooled down enough to fall asleep just an hour before. As soon as we looked down at her, she took one deep breath, and then was still. Her nurse and I looked at each other after a half minute of not seeing her chest rise again. She said, "Do you want me to check her?" She had a stethoscope in her pocket. I nodded, yes, and she bent over, listened. Then she looked at me and shook her head. No heartbeat. I called my husband, her doctor, and then spent the next little while taking out tubes, shutting down monitors, bathing her, and putting on her favorite outfit. I did her hair the way she like it and painted her fingernails, which she also liked. She looked like an angel. It was not a time of grief. We were all weary. It was her time to go back home, and she'd finished what she'd come to do.


  1. This was a beautiful story.

  2. Wow. Tearing up here. Thanks Lemelia. John Melody