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If you've been invited to check out and follow my blog, it's because you're someone I consider, not only a friend, but among the most bright, inquisitive, open minded, and generally incredible people I've come to know. Most of you already know me as an open book, willing to lend my voice to practically any discussion, but in this blog I'll be sharing things about myself and my inner life on a deeper level. I've experienced a lot of things over the past forty years that are probably considered outside of the norm. No single one of them is unique to me but, all taken together, they've shaped an inner life that's not so typical.

I encourage you to take a look at all the pages, to get the big picture. This blog will always be a work in progress. My views are very fluid at the moment, because unusual things have been happening in my life over the past year or so, and they seem to be coming at me faster and more furiously right now. In many ways, a lot of my core beliefs have been challenged, and some shifted. I'm learning that there's a lot more to learn about the universe than I realized. But I'm an eager student! I should make a disclaimer here. I've got some serious ADD working against me, so some areas of the blog may lay dormant for a while. I might even totally eliminate pages on a whim, and add something completely off topic. That's just how I seem to roll. And, knowing me, I'm sure to be really serious at times, but very flippant and more interested in comic relief at others.

So, as I prefaced, I value your insight and opinions if you're here. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, comment, and add your two cents (or more) as you like. Add links to your own blogs or other things of general interest. Write an essay, a poem, or just tell me what I've posted is a bunch of nonsense. I don't care. Well, on some days I may care, but mostly not. Depends on my mood and whether or not I've taken my meds that day. If I care too much, I can simply delete or boot you off, which is one of the best things about having your own, personal blog!
The Coming 2011

As the new year approaches, I find myself longing for a change in the way I deal with life, the world, my household, and my ministry to others. The overall theme, I believe, would have to be "simplification." I've wrestled for so long with aspects of my personality that combine to keep me immobilized more often than not. I've been the woman of the bright ideas that never materialize, the woman of great potential who never figures out how to finish things that get started. My mind is all over the place, and part of that has to do with non-acceptance of myself as God knows and wants me to be. I've struggled too much with trying to measure up to the standards of the world and the expectations of other people I view as important. Sure, I might have an I.Q., the education, or ability to be some high-powered leader in this field or that, but the reality is that I don't want to be. Those sorts of pursuits don't make me happy, don't allow for my physical and psychical limitations, and just don't matter enough to be consuming so much of my thought processes.

So, what does really matter to me? What's critical and worthy of my attention and dedication? When I really think about it with a clear head, the answer's pretty easy: 1) my relationship with God; 2) attending to my physical and mental health; 3) the health and overall well-being of my children; 4) making prudent choices in regard to my future; 5) doing meaningful work by helping others most in need. Paring it all down to those five areas means there's also a list of things I need to let fall by the wayside. Even though this might not be easy for me to implement, I can pretty easily come up with a list of things that definitely need to go, or need to take up a lot less of my time and attention: 1) time spent online without purpose; 2) involving myself in things that aren't my purview and/or areas of strength; 3) reading or listening to things that never fail to get me agitated to the point of perseverating and giving time over to response (such as political commentary); 4) starting new, time-consuming ventures, and purchasing items in support of them, on a whim.

This is a good start. Following my own guidelines, as they're listed above, feels very right, and is in keeping with my self-imposed goal of simplifying life. I feel confident that I will achieve more in the way of those things that make me feel spiritually grounded and successful in the eyes of my Father if I follow this plan. He's shown me what truly matters to Him, and why He put me here. If I listen to His voice (which I'm learning more and more how to recognize), I know He'll make my paths clear. He'll provide for me all along the way, sometimes in supernatural ways that will defy explanation or my human understanding. The key is allowing God to be as big as He is, and letting Him be in charge of ALL parts of my life, because He knows me and my needs better than I or anyone else ever could.

It's no coincidence that I've experienced so much of His divine healing, and so many other miraculous events, over the past year. He's wanted to confirm for me that, yes, He is not only real and all powerful, but very much concerned with every aspect of my daily life. He's revealed to me His power and constancy because He has a job for me to do in this earthly realm as a messenger and carrier of the light. I want nothing as much as I want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and to delight my heavenly Father. I have no fear of death, and no more fear of living life to the full.

So, what's the term "E-Clair" all about?

Simply put, this is good way for me to express the types of clairvoyant* abilities I've had experience with, and to include the 'E' for electric. Although I don't consider it to be a gift, I've been told I am a high-voltage or electric person. This means my body tends to emit excess electrical-magnetic energy which disturbs electrical devices. See the "SLIders" tab on this blog for detailed information on the phenomenon.

*The "Clairs"

Claircognizant means simply "clear knowingness". This means that one sometimes, often, just knows things about people, their health, loved ones, etc.

Clairaudience, "clear hearing", means communications from the other side. It may com in the form of words, or other sounds, somewhat similar to hearing voices in your head.

Clairvoyance, or "clear seeing" means using the mind's eye to see what the Spirit is bringing forth. This could be meaningful objects, pictures, places, or people who are important to the message.

Clairsentience, which means "clear sensing", is sometimes called being empathic as well. Many people have this ability even if they don't have the others. It is simply being able to sense others feelings and connecting with them through the heart or soul.

* DISCLAIMER: Occasionally, Google Adsense generates ads that pertain to the Church of Latter Day Saints, Tarot card readings, live psychic chats, etc. For the record, I am NOT a Mormon, I know nothing about tarot cards, and I would never advise anyone to consult some psychic or medium I don't even know. Apparently, all ads of a religious or spiritual nature are lumped into a single advertising category.

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  1. It is so hard to find a spiritual person who is not judgemental or who thinks they know everything. The longer I live the more I tell my Father- I do not know anything. Take out of my mind what I think I know. I called and reached out to so many people who I thought were saints and got very little help and felt like they thought I was just crazy. Trying to find someone with a true gift of discernment who is mature and knowledgable has been one of the most discouraging things. Somewhere on here you said if God gives you a gift he expects you to use it. I do not know what my responsibility is. Hiding in my house may not be the answer but thats what I have been doing. I wish to do God's will. Please help us Father!