Jan 30, 2011

Gender Of The Holy Spirit

I've been reading questions posed to Christian Andreason, a man who's had one of the most dramatic and compelling near-death experiences on record. Someone wanted to know what God's gender seemed to be. Christian's response was that God does embody both male and female in one sense, but is better described as transcending gender as we think about it. What was more interesting was Christian's revelation that he perceived the Holy Spirit to have a more pronounced 'female-ness' (my word). That seems right to me, somehow. And it actually makes it easier for me to relate to the Holy Spirit as a constant presence in my daily life. If the Holy Spirit's given to us as a comforter, a helper in difficult times... I gotta say, I was a daddy's girl, but (like most people) if I was sick, in doubt, or down and out, I called out for my mommy!

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