Jun 18, 2014

Pinning Me Down

In a recent writing course on new media, my classmates and I were challenged to define and communicate our identities as writers. This was somewhat difficult for me, because I'm still trying to figure out who I am in that regard. It was a helpful exercise, however, because I've really needed to narrow the focus of my writing. I have always had a tendency to be all over the place (the ADD in me), writing a little bit of everything. Giving in to those impulses can be fun and satisfying, but being unsettled in that way means a lot of tasks go unfinished. I can complete an article, essay, or poem with no problem, but I'm a little ashamed to say how many books I've started and abandoned.

The truth of the matter is that I have a lot of identities, and they're not all compatible or easily meshed. There is the passionate, protective mother in me, who writes about the challenges of raising  atypical children as a single parent. There is the activist in me, who has a lot to say about politics and socio-economics. There is the spirit magnet in me, who writes about all things transcendent and paranormal, and then there's the poet-songwriter me whose inspiration comes out of the blue and can take over for hours or days at a time. I welcome and give in to them all. My writing is very personal, but is also something I enjoy sharing.

If forced to sum up my identity in just a sentence or two, I would say this: I like being the person who can speak for every man/woman. I like being the one who can put into words what others may not be able to, so that when they read what I've written, their response is, "EXACTLY!" Just as much, I like being the person who introduces new things to my reader. I like opening their eyes to things they may not have heard of, or just didn't notice or realize was of importance. I get a kick out of being a teacher or soul guide in that way. For me, there are few things more exciting than knowing I've motivated someone to broaden their horizons. So, maybe that's the identity. I'm a guru in training, who just happens to be chronicling every step of my journey.

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