Jan 11, 2011

Really Fascinating Stuff!

From the annals of Kevin Williams, expert on near death experiences:

The Bible and Homosexuality
  The Bible was written during a time when society considered all sinners, homosexuals, adulterers, and prostitutes as outcasts and worthy of death. Women had the same status as cattle, slavery was sanctioned, and so-called sexually immoral people were stoned to death. But Jesus didn't follow the social norms of those days. He hung out with sinners, prostitutes, tax collectors and even made some of them apostles.
The following is the case that Jesus is not concerned about a person's sexual preference contrary to Paul's opinions.
  Paul did not know Jesus at all except from a NDE. And Paul didn't take the opportunity to learn from the twelve whom Jesus lived with, taught, and appointed. Instead, Paul rebukes Peter and has conflicts with twelve. Jesus told the twelve they would rule on twelve thrones and judge Israel even though Paul doesn't get along with them. The only real historical facts that Paul mentions in his letters concerning Jesus was that he was crucified and had a brother Jesus. Paul's letters display a bizarre degree of ignorance concerning Jesus' teachings. In fact, Paul contradicts the teachings of Jesus so many times, many scholars state that Paul, not Jesus, is the founder of Christianity.

  The following is a list of just some the major contradictions of Paul's teachings with Jesus concerning social issues and religious issues. 

  Paul contradicted Jesus on these important issues:

(Paul, Jesus)   SEXUALITY (Paul, Jesus)   RACE
(Paul, Jesus)   SEX (Paul, Jesus)   WOMEN
(Paul, Jesus)   BIGOTRY (Paul, Jesus)   JEWS
(Paul, Jesus)   POVERTY (Paul, Jesus)   SLAVERY

  Scholars speculate that Paul's views on these issues are largely responsible for some of the atrocities that have plagued humanity in western civilization, such as anti-Semitism, the Inquisition, Nazism and the Holocaust, and slavery. My elevating Paul's letters to the status of dogma. The same can be said of any one person who had a special revelation such as a NDE.
  So, in conclusion, Jesus loves homosexuality and homosexuals.

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  1. Now I see I've got a lot of inquiry to do. Feeling a little miffed at Paul.