Mar 7, 2011

What do you see when you meditate?

I took up meditation in addition to my regular prayer life a few months ago, and it's been quite an experience. I created my private sanctuary/prayer space, and it's very calming place to be. With my relaxation music, candles, and trickling fountain, I can really enjoy a good book, and see familiar bible passages in a completely new light. But when I meditate in the darkened room, something happens that's mysterious to me. I begin to view a slide show, of sorts. There are dozens of still images in succession that last a few seconds or less, and don't seem to have a particular pattern. But somehow they also feel distantly familiar. Scenes from rooms in various eras and foreign landscapes appear, interspersed with abstract compositions. Many contain brilliant colors and artifacts I've never seen in the natural world, and often they're so beautiful and intriguing that I wish I could hold onto them long enough to transfer them to canvas.

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