Feb 17, 2011

I've got a secret...

I don't really consider myself to be a psychic, but increasingly I'm having prophetic dreams and sudden, strong messages about the state of a person's health when I look at them. Yesterday, a young woman from our church, a vocalist I've never met face to face before, confirmed for me that she's fourteen weeks pregnant. It was a titillating moment for me, because about four months ago I told my kids I sensed she was about to become pregnant. It was a very odd moment when I got that message. We were in the middle of singing the first song during our praise and worship time, and her appearance, her aura, was very different to me. What came to me very strongly was that a soul was preparing to come into her life in the form of a new child, but her body wasn't fully prepared for it. I got the sense that she was anemic, and that the baby she'd be carrying would be very strong and robust. It actually concerned me because, though energetic and a powerful singer, she's a tiny thing. The message I got loud and clear was that she needed to start getting more rest, eating well, maybe even let go of a few responsibilities, to allow her body to prepare for this physically demanding child. I immediately told my kids what I was sensing, because the feelings were so overpowering, and I could seem to focus on nothing else.

What happened next was rather unusual for me. I began to feel compelled to tell this young woman what I knew, and to advise her that she should begin pampering herself a bit, perhaps taking short naps daily, and to heed the urging of her husband or anyone else who'd tell her to slow down a bit. I wasn't sure what to do with that information, and became a bit distressed. Not knowing her at all, it would be very weird to the both of us for me to just seek her out and advise her on something so personal; yet, it was a supernatural and commanding voice that was telling me to do so. It wouldn't let up! Finally, after I let a few days pass without that urge subsiding, I decided to send her an e-mail. Though I was direct and specific in the message, I left it unsigned, lest she meet me or discuss it with a mutual friend, and think me a crackpot. After getting it out, I felt much better, and could stop perseverating over it. But every Sunday afterward, when I'd watch her on stage, I'd think of the pregnancy and smile. It was as though the baby and I already had a relationship, a bond and sweet secret between us.

What was so cool about this experience was that she ultimately told me about the pregnancy herself, on the phone. Though we've attended the same church for three years, this was the first time she and I had ever had a conversation! How the conversation came about: a month ago, my daughter expressed a desire for private voice lessons, and I put out a feeler on the church's social networking site. I got an e-mail a few days later from our praise & worship pastor, advising me that this young woman gave lessons and urging me to contact her. I did so immediately by e-mail, and she and I came to a schedule agreement for my daughter to begin three weeks later. Yesterday, she confirmed the appointment an hour beforehand by i-Phone. But she called me a half-hour later, sounding a bit stricken, as I was on the road to get my son. She began apologizing profusely because she'd been detained, and hated to come off unprofessionally from day one. It was then that she revealed to me that they were at the obstetrician's office, with a minor concern, because she's pregnant. And thrilled. What a setup! I told her it was absolutely no problem. We postponed the lesson by a half-hour, as her student normally scheduled for the next slot had canceled (coincidence?). When we finally got together, there were hugs all around. And everything with the baby is just fine, which I'd been assured of. Maybe some day in the future, when we're better acquainted, I might feel comfortable sharing the back story with her. But, for now, I think the little one and I will keep our relationship a secret :)

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