Sep 7, 2011

We have not because we ask not; we ask not because we believe not!

"Most people have no idea how much impact they have on the world and all of humanity by the energy they produce with every thought, word, action, or inaction. Positive, loving intention can accomplish so much. When we determine in our hearts and minds to do good in concert with others, nothing can stop us. Truly! If we do nothing, the only change that will occur is that which the active, vocal haters perceive and speak into existence. Resist them with abundant love and positivity!"

I posted the statement above to my Facebook wall earlier, and it was met with a deafening silence. I can post all manner of silliness to FB and get a slew of replies, but post something a little out of most people's comfort zone, a bit mystical, or with a slightly different slant on what they've been indoctrinated in, and you lose them. Yeah, fear of the unknown and fear of ridicule's a big part of it. Some may agree with you, but aren't yet willing to sign on for others to see that. Some just think you're nuts. But I'm convinced that the majority just think that's a Pollyanna perspective on life that has no basis in reality. And as long as they don't believe it, they won't participate or bother to learn more about it. So, where does that leave the rest of us? Are we to just trudge on in our relatively small numbers and hope and pray for the best? Or are we to be bolder and speak the truth as we know it as often and in as many places as we can? I have my own answer. it does have a cost, but I'm going with it anyway. What's your answer?

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