Sep 14, 2011

The Sweetest Communication EVER!

I'm short on time as I write this, and will probably have to come back and update it with more details a little later on today. In just a few minutes, I'm having a phone session with someone who's an experienced Light worker, well acquainted with angel communications since she was a child. My hope is that she can help me break through and get to the origins of mental and spiritual walls that have been blocking me for too many years. Originally, I went seeking for someone to do past life regression therapy, but I'm very open to whatever comes up and comes through as she and I talk this morning.

Oops! Already running out of time here, but I'll definitely finish posting later today, unless my world happens to get rocked in some other direction in the interim :)

Back. What an awesome session! I'll write my thoughts on it later, but right now finish the story of what transpired this morning. Our church has a beautiful, wooded nature trail close by called "Prayer Space." There are seating areas along the way, and my favorite spot has a wooden swing and gorgeous view of tall trees and a tiny brook. I've been going there in the early morning after getting my daughter off to school this week. The weather's getting cooler here, and it's just a perfect spot to find solitude, to read, meditate, pray, or just sit and commune with nature. My intent on this morning was to continue reading a great book I've gotten into by Carol Bowman, who's written extensively on the past lives of children. But once I sat down, I felt more like just trying to see if I could connect with my angels and guardians in preparation for my session.

I read somewhere a few days ago that, if one desires to know their spirit guide, you should speak aloud and tell them just that. So, my conversation there in the prayer space started out something like this: "Good morning to all of you, my guides, angels, departed loved ones, and all spirit surrounding me. I know you're there and with me at all times, surrounding me with love and direction, and I want to have more clear and intimate communication with you all. Please converse with the Light worker who is calling upon angels on my behalf this morning. I would so love to have you all acknowledge that I'm getting through to you here and now. Could you please give me a sign, just some sort of unmistakable signal that will let me know without a doubt that you're directing it to me?" I waited for a few seconds, and then added aloud, "And I'm going to just sit here and be patient!"

I sat, I listened, noticed nothing for about half a minute. Then my eyes were drawn up to a spot high in the trees where the early morning sun was visible. It appeared like a perfect yellow-white orb, but looked different somehow. As I gazed at it, very thin, but very distinct, lines began to appear around it. They were like rays, but instead of extending to my full field of vision, they ended at points all around the sun in a perfect circle. It looked for all the world like the iris of an eye. I kept watching as it seemed to move slowly closer to me and became more distinct. Yes, it definitely looked like an eye! I started to get a little excited and completely enthralled. It then drew back somewhat, and the orb of the sun seemed to transform into two separate, brilliantly glowing forms, identical and side by side against the blue of the sky. They looked almost like two thick candles with flames at first, but then struck me as looking more like beings of some sort, because the upper portions were round like heads. The edges of the two figures undulated and shimmered for a while. It was incredibly bright, brighter than any light I've ever looked at, but didn't hurt my eyes. After another half-minute or so, something very odd occurred. The figures began to fade, and a second "sun" seemed to shoot off from the original, slightly up and to the left. Suddenly, I was seeing two separate yellow-white orbs against the backdrop of the trees and sky. I was fascinated. I didn't dare look away for fear of missing something. It was as if I was witnessing the greatest show of my life, a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and I was glued to the edge of my seat.

I had no real concept of time at this point, no idea how long I'd been sitting there, and all I could do was say, "Woowww," and not move. Then, the second sun was suddenly gone. Now something new was going on. The "eye" was back, but now the rays were doing something different. They slowly began extending outward in five arc-like bands with wide spaces between them. There were two bands coming straight downward, one extending outward on each side, and a shorter, less distinct one going straight up. As I watched, the bands became more solid looking, and the result was a huge image that looked like an angel! Not your classic angel image, mind you, but giving the impression of a single being with definite flowing form. Crazy!

The "angel" stayed there for some time. Then, my eyes were drawn back up to just the sun itself, and this is the strangest part of the experience. There appeared there, in black silhouette against the stark whiteness, several figures, perhaps four or five. And they were moving about. I squinted and turned my head to various angles trying to figure it out, but things weren't staying still. All of the "activity" was taking place in just the lower half of what now was serving as a circular screen. Finally, things began to gel, and it was as if I was looking at a scene in someone's home, with people gathered together for something like a meal. I could make out a table-like form, which a couple of the figures looked to be sitting down at, while other figures seemed to be moving around it. Figures got up, sat back down. Some left the frame and came back seconds later. It was WILD, the oddest scene I've ever seen. Then I suddenly noticed some of the figures were waving. Who were they waving at, I wondered. They were waving at ME! Then they all started waving at once, as if one had told the others to wave so I'd know what I was seeing was what I thought I was seeing. At that point, I'm sure I had a crazy grin on my face, and I was giggling like a kid. This was more than I'd hoped for. I was thinking maybe the sign would be something like a butterfly landing in front of me. But, no, they did it up big. More than appreciative, I said loudly, "I see you!" Then a few seconds after that, remembering my manners, I shouted, "THANK YOU!!" And I waved back. The black figures then faded, the rays retreated, and I was once again alone in the stillness, just looking at the sun in its simple glory high in the trees. I gathered up my belongings then, more than well satisfied, and headed home.

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