Jun 12, 2014

How do we get there from here?

I spend a lot of time thinking about exactly what it is that so divides us as a society and just what that line of division is. I want to badly to be able to boil it down to a bit-sized piece. I've come to a number of different conclusions, and today it's this: It's about very different perceptions and perspectives on those who struggle. There is on the one hand those who think the solution is to blame, shame, and condemn them, and on the other hand are those who think it's better to try and hear, understand, and uplift them. There are those who look for ways to separate us by calling attention to how we're different, and those who look for how we're alike and embrace what's different as the spice of life. All of us, except for the few who make the most noise, want a more harmonious society, so shouldn't our goal be to do what works, as opposed to what feels safe in the moment? Doing that requires well-mannered conversation, and we are very bad at that. I think if you really want to help someone, you will ask what they need rather than tell them what their problem is.


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