Feb 16, 2011

What My Children Have Taught

As I read "Embraced By The Light," the true account of Betty J. Eadie's guided journey through heaven, my mind keeps tracking back to the realization that our children, at the soul level, are our brothers and sisters. For myself, I've been acutely aware for years that I've been "raising" children whose souls are more mature than my own in many ways. In fact, that's one of the things that I hold out as support for the existence of God and universal laws that go far beyond our comprehension. By all rights in the earthly realm, the children we bear should not possess more wisdom than we do while under our care. But often they do! Who among us hasn't marveled at the countenance of a young child who seems to have an "old soul?" One of the revelations Eadie receives is that a heavenly collaboration goes on, in which we choose our own earthly families to grow within, and each of us has our own mission and reason for choosing the state we're born into. If you have a child, take some time to reflect on what he or she has helped you learn. In what way(s) have they contributed to your growth as a person, by virtue of who they are or the challenges they've brought to bear? For my own part, I've been taught bravery, loss of fear, the value of unflinching loyalty, the great pleasure that can come from the smallest of accomplishments, the magnitude of a spoken word. There's more, and still more to come.

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