Feb 14, 2011

A Must Read Book!

I've recommended a lot of books in the past, but right now 'Soul Survivor' is at the top of my list. I first heard about the story of James Leininger and his parents on a show about miracles. They only skimmed the surface of this amazing account. I got the book from the library yesterday, and couldn't put it down until I'd finished it. If you're someone who refuses to believe in reincarnation, for religious or other reasons, I challenge you. Be brave enough to read this book! It will not only make you think thrice, but will make you want to delve into many more accounts, which are out there. Bruce Leininger spent years and thousands of dollars researching, and traveling all over the country to meet and interview dozens of people, just to prove to himself that his toddler son didn't have a past life as a fighter pilot shot down in World War II. In the end, the man who refuses to alter his religious beliefs unless he has hard, indisputable facts, proof supporting every, single detail, is forced to secede.

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