Dec 7, 2011

Catching Up

It's been quite a while since I posted to the blog, so I should first apologize to those of you who are loyal readers. I've somehow managed to lose login access to Blogger and virtually all things Google related, from my home computer. Said machine appears to be hopelessly infected and on its last leg. At any rate, I began having problems with my Ethernet connection shortly thereafter, so wasn't able to access the web at all until I found my way to the public computer I'm currently using. Sometimes, I think one can only come to the conclusion that higher powers have intervened and frustrated easy access for good reason. For my own part, I believe this recent lockout has been God's and my attending angels' way of forcing me to take care of a few matters I've been neglecting (including several household chores) due to, purposeless web surfing. I was also finding myself being drawn into forum and social media discussions that were taking an emotional toll. Not good. Sooo, I've been filling the past three weeks with cleaning, reading several good books, and reflecting on a few things more worthy of my time. I hope to post my thoughts on them in future posts. I hope everyone is gearing up for a Christmas season filled with love, joy, peace, and gratitude!

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